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Personalized learning solutions for every PreK–12 student

Accelerate language learning and promote equity in literacy with a suite of personalized, research-proven programs. Watch confident readers develop and comprehension skills soar as students are immersed in English and Spanish language arts.

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Supplemental English Language Arts (ELA)

Engaging instruction with native support in 15 languages

Help accelerate literacy skills, English language development, and ensure grade-level reading success through personalized English language arts solutions for every PreK–6 classroom.

Core English Language Arts (ELA)

Comprehensive ELA curriculum for grades 6–12

Discover an award-winning ELA curriculum designed for international secondary school classrooms. With diverse literature resources, flexible delivery options, and embedded scaffolds, StudySync® Global ELA focuses on explicit vocabulary instruction, language acquisition, and reading comprehension to support English language learners.

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Spanish Language Arts (SLA)

Personalized and scaffolded Spanish instruction for kindergarten through primary school

Offer students in grades K–5 the personalized, scaffolded instruction they need to achieve learning breakthroughs in Spanish language and literacy while having fun.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

PreK–12 engaging and adaptive solutions

Prepare the next generation of STEM leaders with hands-on, digital-forward learning. Fun and interactive curricula help students learn to code, explore engaging documentaries, and confidently test their knowledge with adaptive gamification.

Screenshot of a Twig Science video lesson involving "Egg Racers"


Equip students for dynamic scientific learning

Multimedia resources, project-based learning modules, and exposure to science and engineering careers inspire and engage students — a great indicator of success at later stages of school, college, and career.


Build every learner’s math confidence

A rich math curriculum with fun, adaptive digital and gamified experiences helps students become confident math learners. Personalized learning pathways help drive math breakthroughs for every student.

Screenshot of an Imagine Math lesson demonstrating inequalities
Screenshot of an Imagine Robotify coding lesson

Computer Science

Empower students to learn computer science in an engaging and accessible way

Discover a best-in-class, browser-based robotics simulator. Students solve real-life challenges in incredible 3D virtual environments and use their new coding and computer science skills to complete various tasks.

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Accelerate Learning for All Students

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Assessment and Test Prep

Ensure K–12 students feel prepared for high-stakes testing

Screenshot of an Imagine Edgenuity lesson involving rate of change and slope in mathematics

Empower educators to proactively drive student growth with research-based measures of student progress and preparation for standardized assessments, including ACT® and SAT®. Imagine Learning’s assessments are results-driven and trusted to equip teachers with the best tools for student success.

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Imagine School Services

Meet district-level goals and expand K–12 programs with certified teachers, special education services, and flexible tutoring and intervention options

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Certified Teaching Services

Highly qualified educators utilize dynamic curriculum and connect with students

Serve more students and close staffing gaps in your school with certified teachers and countless high-quality courses.

Exceptional Education Services

Equitable support and individualized learning for every student

Ensure each student receives the necessary accommodations with a team of special education coordinators and resource specialists who help fulfill IEPs and 504 plans.

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On-Demand Tutoring

Personalized, one-on-one support for students

Expert tutors provide real-time, individualized support using a secure online platform. Equitable access to one-on-one support gives students the guidance they need to move on to more complex concepts with confidence.

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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Inspire and engage PreK–12 students as they learn valuable life and social skills

Screenshot of an Imagine Purpose lesson about being a good friend

Imagine vibrant school communities where every student engages authentically with their peers and the world around them. Discover a complete SEL solution for your students.

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Independent Courses

A robust suite of core, electives, and advanced courses for initial credit and credit recovery for grades 6–12

Screenshot of an student's dashboard within Imagine Edgenuity

Explore a robust suite of core, elective, and advanced courses that students can complete for initial credit and credit recovery. Rigorous curriculum and dynamic, customizable courses adapt to each student’s unique learning journey to help maximize their full potential.

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